me-in-suitBorn in Paterson New Jersey in 1974, I always believed in doing what you love.  We moved around a lot in my early years and I often looked towards my creative mind to keep me company. I always tried to absorb any information I could sink my teeth into.  I am a true admirer of art in all its forms and have worked in many different mediums.

I have designed for fashion labels like L.A. based Eisbar, Kangol NYC.  L.A. bands The Nikhil Kohrula Band (www.nkband.com), The Distants (thedistants.net) and Apes of the New Millennium, as well as NYC based rap artist Little Vic and Orena Records. My paintings have been seen in galleries and venues in Los Angeles, and mural work on walls and ceilings in New York City. I have also worked with visionaries like photographer/director of “RIZE”, David Lachapelle (www.davidlachapelle.com), and writer/director of “Hellraiser”, and one of the nicest people I know, Clive Barker (www.clivebarker.com).

I now tattoo at my art studio, Rutland Studios in Dover, NH. We are Located at 5 Washington St. in Dover, NH. Conceptualizing began in random notebooks and drink napkins in my early 20’s. These thoughts and ideas have been molded into what is now Rutland Studios. Continually changing and reshaping myskillset has evolved and in this incarnation of the studio I will be tattooing by appointment. Look for other projects coming out of the studio including merchandise, community projects, and collectives within the artist community. I am excited to be in downtown Dover and look forward to bringing many projects to life, down by the river.

If you are looking for prints of my art you can look here at Imagekind.

Thank you for visiting the site and if you have any questions please contact us.  Thanks again.