Our classes for kids are designed for their creativity to flourish. There is nothing worse than my kids coming home from school saying their art and music classes were boring. These creative outlets should be encouraged and embraced. These are the building blocks of their self esteem, belief in their own thoughts and ideas. Instead of following trends, blazing their own trail.

I also remember growing up and not being taught how to use the skills or ideas I had to make a living or that it could lead somewhere unless I worked for Disney. It took me years of trial and error to find the way on my own.

We will be encouraging the next generation of kids to not just depend on others but to find the strength to develop their own ideas to reach their own financial independence (without Disney).

Stay tuned for more classes to be added.

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CHARACTER DESIGN (6 weeks, 3 part class $165 for ages 10+)
**Space is limited so reserve your spot today!**

The focus of this course is to show kids how to take even the smallest sketch or idea and turn it into something they can build on and grow and have the ability to earn money with their ideas. Invaluable lesson for young minds being able to set their own course and take responsibility for themselves.  Keeps focus on supporting ones own ideas as opposed to following trends and sitting and playing video games all day. they will be learning that they can also produce fun ideas in a creative, self fulfilling way, while promoting self esteem, and a voice.

Character Design Class (part 1, 2 weeks) Design
May 18, 25 12pm-1:30pm

We will be coming up with multiple character ideas and will be creating “character bibles” with mythologies around these characters.  Students will learn how to take their basic idea concepts and create full characters.  they will be receiving a sketch book to keep these characters in moving forward so they will be able to keep all the characters and ideas they create in one place.

Character Design Class (part 2, 2 weeks) Implementation
June 8,15 12pm-1:30pm

Students will be using the characters they created in (CD part 1) and will be putting them in some kind of application ie: comic, video game concept, book idea.

Character Design Class (part 3, 2 weeks) Marketing your ideas
June 29, July 6 12pm-1:30pm (Tentative dates)

Students will be learning how to take their characters and their ideas and bring them into the public forum through things such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, web, etc.