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New Studio Expansion!

wp press release photoRutland Studios is proud to announce that we’re putting the finishing touches on our new music rehearsal space at our location in downtown Dover “Rock City”, NH. The multi-purpose space has been added to our existing art and tattoo studio and will be used for band rehearsals, guitar, bass, and drum lessons, and will run congruent to our already existing art classes.


I am also pleased to announce that my friend and musician Tim McCoy, will be working alongside me, putting attention back into the merchandising and advertising side of the company, which I have had to minimize the past few years due to my tattoo schedule. Having Tim on board will help me continue to move forward in developing the studio I started here in 2009. We can now focus our efforts and work closely with the local music and art community, as well as local businesses and schools in creating a space where we can be a creative and positive entity.

Merchandising and Advertising includes items such as clothing and apparel, branding/logos, print media/CD art, decals and signage, as well as other custom products.

Lessons will start over the next couple of weeks and bands have already started rehearsing. Please contact me through email or social media anytime for more information and also reach out to Tim McCoy ( anytime too. We will be announcing an official open house date expected to be held in late winter/early spring. We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Art Featured at NH Children’s Museum Abtsract Art Exhibit “Driven to Abstraction

Bryan Rutland, a local Dover artist, has created a new piece being displayed on the facade of the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire. Perspection, part ofDriven to Abstraction – the current Gallery 6 installation – was originally one piece of abstract art that Rutland split into two distinctive pieces. As CMNH’s Director of Exhibits, I contacted him in November about creating a vibrant piece of abstract art that would bring color to Henry Law Park for those dark and dreary winter months.

“The way that I like to approach my painting is to have no preconception or final image in my mind,” Rutland shares.

“I want to create intuitively and I feel in working this way I can be true to myself and not over think the process. I like to take a more natural approach,” he admits. “I start the creation process with a color palette in mind and just start throwing colors around and whatever ‘feels right’ at the time. I like to just let the painting work itself out and lead me in the direction it wants to go in.”

Bryan joins over 15 other artists in showing their version of abstract art. For many museum families and visitors, this is their first exposure to any kind of abstract art. As in any form of art, each artist approaches their process differently. Rutland looks to his natural surroundings for inspiration.

The abstract process for me is more of a therapeutic and physical exercise. I allow things to just happen the way they do in nature,” he says.

“Just like a stream will meander and create its own path over time I allow my paintings to do the same. I tend to be more of an instrument in the creation of the work as opposed to the overall creator. I really feel the painting is already there I just need to let go and let it be what it was meant to be. I think we need to create things that are true and honest to ourselves, with all of our strengths and weaknesses.”

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I have recently finished a skull project for an art book that will be coming out end of this year or early next year.  Along with this book I will be part of another one which will be coming out July 2014.  Keep posted for details to get yourself a copy. I am very excited to get mine, tons of amazing artists in these books.

RUTLAND STUDIOS new location!

We have opened our new location at 5 Washington St. in beautiful downtown Dover, NH.  Thanks to all who have been a part of re-opening the studio, and those who have continued to support us.  I have been tattooing at the new location since May 8th, and continue to book appointments.  There will be more added to the studio in the coming months, merchandise, as well as art.  There will be some fun things for fellow artists to get involved in, as well as some fun projects coming from the little Rutland clan.  Until then, come down and check us out, down by the river.